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ABM for Adults

Imagine Moving with Ease and Feeling Vibrant Again!

Do you have any of these?

Back pain

Shoulder and rotator cuff injuries

Hip and knee pain


Restless sleep

Balance and gait issues

Poor proprioception

To put it simply, we are working with the

body and brain connection

The results are long lasting, and often results are seen faster than other common types of therapy

This process creates new brain connections

Being more connected allows you to

move better, to feel better, and to think better

Body and brain organization upgrades your brain too!


Improved cognition

Reduced PTSD

Stroke recovery

Slows the progression of Parkinson’s

The Human Brain is Never Too Old to Learn

Its job is to make sense of the nonsense, and to create order from the disorder.  Adults can experience missing chunks of information, or lost connections - just like children.  With NeuroMovement, we introduce that information through movement – creating new areas of awareness, new connections within the body’s systems, new possibilities of thriving.

Whether you have general aches and pains, have suffered an injury, or have a more challenging situation, you have options.  You do not need to suffer through "just getting older".  

As a NeuroMovement®  practitioner, I will use movement and gentle touch to help your body and brain to become better organized.  You will strengthen your awareness of your body in space, gain lightness and ease, and upgrade your brain.  Each lesson is unique and one lesson builds on the next.  Explore the NeuroMovement® approach of the Anat Baniel Method®  and discover the possibilities!

Private Lessons or Classes?

Contact me to find out what suits you!

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