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Who will benefit:


Children of all ages with

> developmental delays

> physical disabilities

> brain damage

> behavioral struggles

> and so much more

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for Children

Scheduling Intensives


NeuroMovement works best when received in clusters of lessons.  New neural connections are very fragile and benefit the most from many variations around new information – this creates a stronger network of neural connections, enhancing your child’s response.

Here's how that looks for this weekend workshop:

  • 3 day Intensive, 30 minutes per lesson

  • Schedule your child for up to 2x a day, for all 3 days

      That's up to 6 lessons in one weekend for your child

  • Not available all 3 days?  Call to discuss other scheduling options

ABM NeuroMovement®

The Anat Baniel Method® is a science based holistic approach that has helped children and adults improve their quality of life by applying principles of neuroplasticity.

The Anat Baniel Method® of NeuroMovement® is a holistic movement based approach to learning that benefits your entire body.  ABM is movement with intention, done in a way to utilize neuroplasticity – the creation of new brain connections.  These connections are the foundation for all processes within the body.

Your body and all of its parts work synergistically to organize all of your internal operations, while you move and carry on about your day.  But when something doesn’t operate as desired, how many other functions either contributed or are affected?  

Better organized muscle movements

Improved gross and fine motor movements

Clearer thinking

Overcoming plateaus in development

Reduced inflammation

Reduced muscle spasms

Calming the nervous system

Better sleep

Increased vitality

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