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The Anat Baniel Method

More Clear Thinking, More Pain Free Movement, and a Better Quality of Life

Better organized muscle movements

Improved gross and fine motor movements

Clearer thinking

Overcoming plateaus in development

Reduced inflammation

Reduced muscle spasms

Calming the nervous system

Better sleep

Increased vitality

The Anat Baniel Method® of NeuroMovement® is a holistic movement based approach to learning that benefits your entire body.  ABM is movement with intention, done in a way to utilize neuroplasticity – the creation of new brain connections.  These connections are the foundation for all processes within the body.

Your body and all of its parts work synergistically to organize all of your internal operations, while you move and carry on about your day.  But when something doesn’t operate as desired, how many other functions either contributed or are affected?  


Rather than specifically treating an illness, injury, or disability, I work with your body as a whole, providing information to learn new ways to move and function.  These abilities from your new brain connections can have profound whole body impacts such as…


It is the language of the brain

Image by Jordan Christian

Did you know, that without movement, there is no learning?  As infants, our random movements provide information for our brains to understand our environment.  Throughout our lives, our movement continues to inform us, to feed us information.  Even our thoughts are movement.  The dendrites of our neurons move to connect to other neurons - these are synaptic responses.  Our brains are always moving.


What Moshe Feldenkrais understood was that we spontaneously favor more comfortable ways of moving, if we know how, if we have clear choices.  These NeuroMovement® lessons give people choices.  As people learn to move more efficiently, they become better able to succeed, in whatever they choose to do.


About Anat

ABM NeuroMovement® is an approach that was created by Anat Baniel, a practitioner and trainer with over 30 years of experience providing remarkable outcomes to thousands of children and adults.  Anat studied under Moshe Feldenkrais, and was a close professional associate of his for over a decade.  She took everything that she learned under Moshe and evolved the work to be the dynamic learning method for children of special needs and adults that it is today.

Anat also identified the Nine Essentials of Positive Brain Change.  They are the brain’s requirements for waking up the brain to do its job well. Each Essential helps the brain create new connections and avoid the rigidity of limiting patterns and habits. 


9 Essentials

of Positive Brain Change

  1. Movement with Attention

  2. Slow

  3. Variation

  4. Subtlety

  5. Flexible Goals

  6. The Learning Switch

  7. Imagination & Dreams

  8. Awareness

  9. Enthusiasm

The Nine Essentials offer you concrete, effective, and immediate ways to easily tap into your brain’s enormous potential.

They are the brain’s requirements for waking up the brain to do its job well. Each Essential helps the brain create new connections and avoid the rigidity of limiting patterns and habits. The 9 Essentials open up delightful, and often surprising, new possibilities.

How can You tap into

Your Brain's Potential?

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Practice these Essentials every day in your normal activities and see what happens!

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