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Welcome to NeuroMatter Movement Studio

Cheri Hidy is a Certified ABM Practitioner currently residing in central Ohio.

Opening April 2022!

NeuroMatter Movement Studio will be opening in my new Grove City, Ohio location.  Contact me to schedule.  More information and a new website will be coming soon!

The Anat Baniel Method® of NeuroMovement® is a holistic approach to the overall functioning of the brain through movement.  It is the continued evolution that grew out of Anat's many years of studying under Moshe Feldenkrais.

ABM helps people of all ages & conditions move beyond their current pain and limitations.  

By capitalizing on the concept of brain plasticity, ABM helps you take advantage of the fact that the brain can change (for the better) in response to new experiences.  This gentle, yet incredibly effective method, provides your brain with new sensory and motor information, creating new neural pathways, thus diminishing chronic pain, enhancing strength, flexibility, coordination & cognitive performance. 

While this site is under construction, you may also ​visit the Anat Baniel Method® site for more information about NeuroMovement®.

Types of Lessons

Functional Synthesis (FS)

This individual & private hands on lesson is safe and gentle but, most importantly, extremely effective.  

Each lesson is customized to the functional need of each client. 
The lessons are a maximum of 45 minutes  in length  & are booked in a series of 6-10 lessons (these are called Intensives) & are clustered within one or two weeks.  Mini-intensives are also available.

Transformational Movement Lesson (TML)

These verbally guided movement lessons are offered in group settings - usually taking place once to twice a week, for a qualified number of lessons.

Outcomes range from a rapid increase in flexibility & strength to improvement of functional movement; while learning to overcome chronic pain.

Book A Lesson

To book an appointment, please click on a button below to call, text, or email.

Also visit my Facebook page for current events.

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About NeuroMatter

Located in Grove City, Ohio

and serving the Central Ohio Area and beyond