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Your Brain
Your Body
Your Awareness

Welcome to NeuroMatter Movement Studio



Tired of pain that returns even after all of the doctor visits and other interventions?


Or maybe you are a weary parent who is watching your child get frustrated or worn out at all of their therapy appointments.

Let’s engage the brain this time. 

Your brain really wants to move you in better ways. 

It just needs to learn how.

The Anat Baniel Method® of NeuroMovement® is a holistic approach to the overall functioning of the brain through movement and neuroplasticity.  It is the continued evolution that grew out of Anat's many years of studying under Moshe Feldenkrais.  

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Baby Boy

for  Children

Imagine your child's possibilities if they could learn about themselves through their body, through movement... 


for  Adults

Enjoy Anti-Aging benefits

such as more Clear Thinking, Deeper Breathing,

and Improved Balance...

“Through awareness, we can learn to move with astonishing lightness and freedom at almost any age.”

~ Moshe Feldenkrais

Connect and Thrive

The Nine Essentials

of Positive Brain Change

Daily Tools to Overcome Pain and Increase Your

Flexibility, Strength, Creativity, and Vitality

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